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Access Control Systems

Here at Sentinel Security, our access control systems are designed to put you in control of your premises, enabling you to manage the way your domestic or commercial property is accessed. The right access systems can enable you to remotely monitor and restrict the movement of people, vehicles and assets that enter and leave your property, simplifying the process of keeping your premises secure against potential threats or preventing security breaches.

We always aim to supply the highest quality access control options, with sophisticated technology and software that you can rely on. We can carry out a free inspection of your property and advise you on the best options for you, including keypad access, proximity devices or bio-metric access systems. We have a range of solutions for commercial and domestic premises, whether you are seeking a card entry system, security coded lock or biometric system, and we can help you to work out the benefits of each type for your unique set-up.

Whether you need a keypad access system for your home or rental property, or a commercial system that includes several terminals and sub-terminals with a centralised access manager, we can deliver the highest quality solutions for you. You can choose a system that will enable you to restrict access to sensitive areas or limit certain areas within your premises to particular personnel, and you can increase your monitoring in areas such as stock rooms to give you more effective control.

The right access control system for your home or your commercial property will be dependent upon your requirements and your budget, and our experience enables us to recommend the best options for you.

Like all of our products, our access control systems are of the highest quality, and all of our systems meet the requirements set out in the Irish and European Standards I.S. En50131-1: 2006. We are licensed by The Private Security Authority and certified by the National Standards Authority of Ireland.

Access Options

  • Keypad Access
  • Proximity Access
  • Bio Metric/Fingerprint Access
  • Door Locks
  • Mag Locks
  • Replacement Cards/Fobs

Digital Keypads

We have a range of digital keypads, from our vandal resistant diecast keypad with flush mount kit and back lighting to our stylish polycarbonate readers with surface and flush mount accessories, for both indoor or outdoor use.
Proximity Device

Proximity Devices

Our range of proximity devices are stylish, robust polycarbonate units that are simple to use with either proximity or keypad options, suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.
Card Reader

Card Readers

ACTpro is a scaleable card access control system that is designed to facilitate the most demanding requirements for any size of enterprise. The system is feature rich and highly flexible. ACTpro is a single or multi user system for one or more sites.

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GSD Digital keypad

GSD Network Access control

Offering an innovative approach to access control, Global Security Devices Ltd, aim to design and manufacture the next generation of wireless security solutions.

Manufacturing the world’s first wireless intruder alarm system, GSD continue to provide a vast range of standalone and network access control products suited to the needs of the commercial industry.

Recent breakthroughs in wireless technology allow for cost-effective access control from the Wi-Plus family.

Digital Keypad

ACTpro Access Control

Designing and manufacturing high quality access control products since the mid 1990s, Access Control Technology (ACT), provide the security industry with innovative and cost effective access control solutions.

With a range of access control solutions to suit applications of all sizes, ACT have designed and manufactured access control products that easily and smoothly controls entry and monitors attendance of people that are using the systems cards, fobs or security codes.


GSD – Global Security Devices

GSD’s Network access control range features a range of pin code, fingerprint scanning and card reading door controls which operate using an innovative software programme.

GSD’s Wi-plus family also encorporates the latest in wireless technology to revolutionise the installation and use of networked access control. Each Wi-plus controller can cater for up to 10 doors and 5000 users, allowing for efficient access control at a fraction of the cost.

  • Wi-plus Software
  • Pin & Proximity Readers
  • Biometric Readers
  • Wireless Controllers
Digital Keypad

ACT – Access Control Technology

CT’s range of ACTpro products are aimed to offer a highly flexible access control system that is scalable and meets the demands of any sized enterprise.

Able to control the entry of tens of thousands of users, the ACTpro system is designed to work with a range of access control technologies from proximity readers to biometric scanners. Available to suit a range of security levels and to meet a variety of applications, the ACTpro range features a range of:

  • Door Controllers
  • Proximity Readers
  • Biometric Readers
  • Network Software