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Wireless intruder alarms are a perfect solution for premises that have not been pre wired.

Time and Money

Wireless systems and their components are usually more expensive than their hardwired counterparts. However, the installation time for wireless systems is shorter and there is much less hassle compared to a wired system. When examining the maintenance costs of a wireless system, you need to take into consideration the cost of replacing the batteries of the wireless devices every few years.

Advantages of a wireless intruder alarm…

  • no wires
  • No mess
  • Costs less than wiring a finished premises/home
  • Less invasive
  • Changing needs, you have the option to easily add to the system at a later date


Easy to use keypad. Allows you to arm/disarm and pert arm (night arm) the alarm system. Features integrated  panic button.

Detection Devices

Door/Window Contact – A magnetic door contact is fitted to the door and detects opening and closing.

Motion Detector

A Motion Detector  reacts to temperature fluctuations caused by a person moving around. Once triggered signals are sent to monitoring station which are transmitted to our Alarm Receiving Centre. Fitted in
protected zones in the home.

Smoke Detectors

With a monitored smoke detector, we can detect the start of a fire. A smoke detector is active 24 hours a day even if your system is not armed.

External Siren and Strobe

An external Siren complete with flashing strobes  is fixed to an external wall of your home and acts as a deterrent showing that your home is protected

Glass Break Detector

A glass break sensor detects the sound frequencies emitted when glass is broken.

Inertia (Vibration) Sensor c/w contact

An Inertia sensor contact detects opening and closing of doors along with bangs or frame or someone breaking the glass.

Remote Control –

A very useful device to control your alarm system. Similar in size to an average car key-fob the RF Fob delivers a range of features from arming your system to raising a panic alarm

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