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Calving Cameras

As we are heading into the calving season it is important to prepare for this busy farming period. You can save on valuable time by installing a calving camera system. This will save you the multiple visits to the shed to check on your calving animal by day and night. Allowing you to get more work done or a better night’s sleep. Our camera systems give high quality footage even in poor lighting. Having a calving camera fitted also reduces the risk to the animals as you can constantly monitor their progress, and should an issue arise you can monitor it and deal with it if needed.

Our wireless option can be remotely monitored from your smartphone. This gives you extra freedom to carry on with other work and still be able to monitor the animal. Your smartphone can also remotely rotate the camera to adjust the camera angle. You can also add cameras to our systems if required.

Calving cameras are a must have in the modern busy farm where time is valuable as are the animals welfare.

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