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The development of CCTV systems in recent years has helped the security industry to evolve, with impressive progression in the capabilities of intruder systems. CCTV is a major deterrent to potential intruders and with wireless CCTV cameras offering high quality security that is easy to install, CCTV coverage is now a requirement for any security system. 

If you are seeking home or business security systems in Cork, you will want to make the most of the excellent CCTV options on offer today. High definition CCTV cameras provide high quality pictures at cost effective prices, so you can maximise your security level without compromising on your budget. From small, domestic systems that can be viewed through your television, to extensive industrial CCTV systems with a vast variety of applications, your security system can incorporate discreet and highly effective cameras that will protect your property and your belongings.


What Can CCTV Do For You?

 CCTV enables monitoring that can prevent a threat before it happens. A loiterer, for example, can be identified and deterred before a crime is carried out, and the presence of cameras is known to be a preventative measure that is very effective. 

Most digital analog CCTV systems can record high quality footage on a constant basis, monitoring your premises 24/7, or can record at certain times or intervals. This can be controlled via a central management hub, connected to your full surveillance system. Many users opt for a motion detector used in conjunction with CCTV cameras, so that these are activated and begin recording as soon as detection has occurred. This is an effective way to reduce costs and highlight key security areas, such as entrances and exits. 

Remote viewing options mean that you can access your security system from anywhere in the world, with remote viewing via your mobile phone or device. This is a very convenient feature that allows you to relax in the knowledge that you are still protecting your home or business, wherever you are. 

Wireless analog CCTV has progressed to be much more effective than ever before, offering higher quality monitoring and lower costs year on year. System prices start at £399 installed, and we offer a free quotation service for your home or business.


Monitored CCTV Systems

When a CCTV system is combined with a professional remote CCTV monitoring service, the effectiveness of the CCTV is multiplied to offer all the benefits of a manned on-site presence at a fraction of the cost. If an intrusion is detected at your site, our dedicated CCTV Monitoring operators will be able to view live images from the site and simultaneously transmit audio messages to deter intruders where possible. Where appropriate, they will contact the relevant emergency services and keyholders.

A monitored CCTV system gives you complete peace of mind, knowing that your property is always secure. We provide 24 hour monitoring via our vigilant, dedicated team, and this is a cost effective security solution for businesses and homes, as well as remote sites.

How do Remote CCTV Monitoring Services Work?

  1. Your internet connection routes the CCTV images from cameras at your site via the internet to our servers at Sentinel Security.
  2. The connection between your security system and Sentinel Security can be live 24/7.
  3. Our software monitors activity. As soon as an alarm is activated on your site, the incident is sent to the screen of one of our security professionals.
  4. Our professional operators will then monitor activity manually. We can pan and zoom cameras, switch cameras for a better view, and rerun recent footage.

If there is a risk to your site, you can rely on us to react immediately. We will:

  • Call the emergency services
  • Call you
  • Communicate with intruders via loudspeaker, which is usually an effective deterrent.


CCTV Maintenance

It is essential to ensure that your security system is regularly tested and routinely serviced to guarantee the security of your property. Regular testing and servicing of your system will enable the system to work to its full capacity, raising the alarm in the event of a burglary and reducing the risk of false alarm.

Here at Sentinel Security, we offer annual CCTV maintenance packages to ensure that your CCTV system is inspected and tested annually. This ensures that your system is always fully operational and reliable, and can alert your engineer to potential issues before they begin to cause a problem or trigger an emergency call out. If you do need to make a emergency call out, however, as a contract customer, we guarantee to respond to an emergency call within 5 hours.

Regardless of the type of system you have and when it was installed, we can provide you with maintenance services including an engineer to visit your property to inspect, test and re-programme your alarm. All of our engineers are qualified to full standards and will ensure that you will not encounter any disturbance to your alarm system during your maintenance visit.

Our maintenance contracts are reviewed annually for your convenience and we will always ensure that your contract meets your requirements. We have three maintenance packages for you to choose from, depending on your needs and budget, and we will be happy to help you select the best option for you and your business.

Maintenance visits

All annual preventative maintenance visits are carried out in accordance with European Standards EN50131-1 and include the following checks:

  • An inspection of the system to identify – and inform the customer of – any repair required
  • A visual inspection to ensure structural changes have not affected the cameras
  • A visual inspection to ensure occupancy changes have not affected the cameras
  • A check to ensure the iris control function on all cameras is in good working order, making adjustments if necessary
  • A check to ensure all cameras have back focus in good working order, making adjustments if necessary
  • A full test of all camera brackets and housings, including refits if necessary
  • A full test of all digital recorders to ensure correct usage
  • Ensuring time and date settings in equipment are correct, updating settings as appropriate
  • Ensuring day time and night time modes are recording to a high quality
  • Providing staff with extra instruction if required
  • Inspecting each monitor, powering down and cleaning externally
  • Adjusting all monitor controls to ensure optimum viewing quality
  • Inspecting and testing all coaxial wiring and associated copex and glands
  • Replacing faulty BNC leads for plugs where applicable
  • Providing a test report on the overall system for the subscriber.

Independent Repair/Service Visits

We highly recommend a regular maintenance contract for the best performance of your intruder alarm system, but we understand that you may wish to request an engineer call-out at your convenience. This can be arranged for you at any time. 

The Highest Standards in Alarm Maintenance

We only use equipment of the highest quality, and all of our systems meet the requirements set out in the Irish and European Standards I.S. En50131-1:v2006. We are licensed by The Private Security Authority and Certified by the National Standards Authority of Ireland.

Talk to us at Sentinel Security Systems for a quote for CCTV maintenance, and arrange your no obligation, free inspection to find the best security solution for your home or business today.

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