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Ensure your security system is regularly tested and routinely serviced to guarantee the security of your property

Regular testing and servicing of your system will enable the system to work to its full capacity, raising the alarm in the event of a burglary. It will also reduce any false alarms that could occur.

Annual CCTV maintenance packages

In order to have your CCTV System inspected and tested annually, we can provide you with a  CCTV maintenance contract. The benefit to this is routine testing is done without thought or hassle, confirming that your system is always performing to its full capacity. It may alert the engineer to potential issues with your system which can be solved before triggering an emergency call-out.

As a contract customer, you are also guaranteed a response to an emergency call within 5 hours.

Regardless of when or with whom your CCTV system was installed, Sentinel Security Systems would be pleased to provide you with maintenance service. An engineer will visit your property to inspect, test and re-programme your alarm. All of our engineers are qualified to full standards and will ensure that you will not encounter any disturbance to your alarm system while this takes place within a brief timeframe.

Maintenance contracts are reviewed annually for your convenience. After each term, you will have the opportunity to review it before deciding on the year ahead. You will never be bound to this contract after such period if for any reason it no longer meets your requirements.

There are three intruder alarm maintenance packages for you to choose from depending on your requirements and budget.

Maintenance standards

What to expect from your engineer on a maintenance visit

All annual preventative maintenance visit is carried out in accordance with European Standards EN50131-1 and includes the following checks:

  • Inspect the system since previous visit, and inform the customer of any repair required
  • Provide the visual inspection to ensure structural changes have not affected the cameras
  • Provide visual inspection to ensure occupancy changes have not affected the cameras
  • All cameras have iris control checked and adjusted if necessary
  • All cameras have back focus checked and adjusted if necessary
  • Camera brackets and housings to be tested and refitted if necessary
  • All Digital Recorders to be fully tested to ensure correct usage
  • Check time and date settings in equipment and update settings as appropriate
  • Ensure day time and night time modes are recording to a high quality
  • Staff to be given extra instruction if required
  • Each monitor to be powered down and cleaned externally
  • Monitors to be powered up and all controls adjusted to ensure optimum viewing quality
  • All coaxial wiring and associated copex and glands will be inspected and tested
  • Faulty BNC leads of plugs will be replaced where applicable
  • Leave with subscriber, Test report on overall system

Independent Repair/Service Visits

Although we highly recommend a regular maintenance contract for the best performance of your intruder alarm, you may wish to request an engineer call-out at your convenience. This can be arranged for you at any time.


The highest standards in alarm maintenance

We only use equipment of the highest quality, and all of our systems meet the requirements set out in the Irish(and Eurpoean) Standard I.S. En50131-1: 2006. We are licenced by The Private Security Authority and Certified by the National Standards Authority of Ireland.

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