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Facial Recognition No Touch Access System 

 When managing premises, allowing controlled access whilst providing security is essential. But gone are the days of keys, cards, pin-codes and fingerprints. Here at Sentinel Security, we provide a range of modern access control systems. Featuring the latest facial recognition technology, MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals by Hikvision are a sleek and stylish, yet reliable, security solution.


Reliable and fast

Facial recognition technology moves far beyond easily compromised code access or old fashioned keys that can be duplicated or lost. The Hikvision MinMoe system is powered by a deep learning algorithm, boasting facial recognition accuracy of over 99%, and an enhanced verification speed of under 0.2 seconds. Not only does this ensure reliable security; it also improves the user experience, with fast, hands-free access.

Anti-spoofing technology

Hikvision’s MinMoe Face Recognition performs with excellence, even in low or zero light. It uses a dual lens system, featuring a visible light lens and an infrared lens. Readings from both lenses must agree before access is granted. Additionally, the lenses can differentiate between a real person and an image of the same person. This capability enables the Hikvision MinMoe system to virtually eliminate attendance fraud.

Integration and ease

 With extensive compatibility, the Hikvision MinMoe Face Recognition range can easily integrate with existing security systems. It can be linked with NVRs for data recording and storage. Existing camera networks can be combined with the MinMoe range, and automated to record when triggered by pre-set events. Indoor intercom stations can also be connected. The whole system can be controlled remotely via a mobile app.

A Range of Solutions

 Value Range – A cost effective product for small to medium businesses. Although the storage capacity for facial images is limited, this system features full time attendance and access control functions.

  • Pro Series – A highly adaptable system, with greater facial image storage capacity, and complete access control and time attendance functions.
  • Ultra Series – Featuring a large storage capacity for facial images, high performance, and comprehensive access control and time attendance functions, the Ultra Series is the stand out system for clients with more demanding requirements.
  • Face Recognition Modules for Turnstile – This system is particularly useful for premises such as banks and commercial buildings, integrating with turnstiles to provide a complete access solution.

 With a wide range of application scenarios, from offices to schools, factories to stores, MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals by Hikvision are an unbeatable security solution.

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