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Sentinel Security Systems provides Automatic Swing Gates & Electric Gate Systems throughout Cork and Munster for both residential and commercial use.

We will work with you to provide an automated sliding electric gate for your unique requirements.

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Automatic metal swing gates

Swing, Iron Gates, Underground Automation

Automatic commercial swing gates

Swing, Steel Gates, Overground Automation

Automatic swing gates

Swing, Wooden Gates, Underground Automation

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Advantages of Installing an Automatic Swing Electric Gate

  1. Privacy

Automatic swing gates are a great way to ensure privacy for your family or business. With the press of a button on your remote you decide who enters and exits your property.


  1. Safety

Creating boundaries between your property and the outside world can help prevent pets or small children from leaving the premises and running into danger. An automatic swing gate also prevents thieves from entering your property.


  1. Inclement Weather

Avoid getting wet in rainstorms with an automatic swing gate. Spend as little time in the elements as possible by using a remote control or keypad instead of the time intensive process of opening and closing a gate in the rain.


  1. Convenience

Automatic electric gates provide convenience in that you don’t have to physically open and close the gate every time you want to enter and exit your property. You will also have the added benefit that you can open the gate for visitors with a remote control without having to leave your home.


  1. Cost Benefits

An automatic swing gate on your property often increases your chances of getting a discount on your house insurance. Automatic gates also increase the value of your home.


  1. Visually Appealing

An automatic gate is a great addition to your property and reflects well on the perception of your home.