A secure home or workplace gives you peace of mind and the assurance that your property and your possessions are looked after at all times. Here at Sentinel Security, we have served the domestic, commercial and industrial security sector for more than 15 years and we pride ourselves on always offering the most up to date and innovative technology to our clients. We specialise in intruder alarms, and we can help you to find the best solution for you. 

When you are looking for home alarm systems in Cork, it is worth finding out about the many options available so that you can make the best choices. Some of our clients prefer wireless alarms, while some find that wired alarms work better for them. We are here to advise you on the different types of intruder alarms, helping you to select a great fit for your lifestyle and your property.

Finding The Right Intruder Alarm

 Intruder alarms can be separated into two types: traditional intruder alarms, which can be wireless or wired, and monitored alarm systems. Traditional intruder alarms are best suited to domestic users, and include an external alarm activated when an external component is triggered. Monitored systems are more appropriate within larger applications such as commercial premises. You can read on to find out more about the different types of alarm available to you, and talk to us at Sentinel Security to discuss the most suitable options for you.

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Wireless Alarm Systems

 Wireless alarm systems are very popular because they are quick and easy to install, and offer flexible positioning for sensors since they are not restricted by wires. This type of system is very easy to adapt and generally costs less than a wired system due to the reduced installation time required. A wireless system is less invasive than a wired option and is easily reconfigured, and batteries will usually only need replacing every few years.

This sort of system can be scaled up as your security needs increase, and our team of qualified engineers will work with you to create the perfect solution for your home or workplace.

Intruder Alarms

Wired Alarm Systems

A wired alarm system is a great solution for some properties, especially if you are building a new home or business. Any new or existing wired intruder alarm can be connected to our central monitoring station. A hard wired system offers constant hard wired communication between control equipment and detection devices, is very cost effective if the installation is pre wired, and will not require batteries to be replaced. A wired system can be designed to suit your requirements, with a combination of detection devices, such as motion detectors, door/windows contacts, glass break detectors and smoke detectors, and can be operated via a remote control or keypad, or a combination. Talk to us to find out more about the best options for you.


Monitored Intruder Alarms

 A monitored intruder alarm is not usually recommended as part of your home security system, but if you need a security alarm system for an office or commercial premises, this could be a great option for you. Your premises is protected by a top quality security system, demonstrating to visitors that you are running a professional operation. A monitored alarm can be operated through GSM mobile network operator and connected to Sentinel Security monitoring stations that will visit the premises and alert the Gardai if necessary. This enables your control panel to register an emergency event and dispatch help immediately, unless the event is confirmed as a false alarm. Talk to us if you are interested in monitored intruder alarms, and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.


Technical Specifications of Your Security System

 We are trained and certified under the Management Systems Certification of Ireland for the Installation of Intruder Alarm Systems with: 

S.E.N.50131 Standards

Emergency Lighting NSAI I.S. 3217

Fire Alarm NSAI I.S. 3218

The PSA (Private Security Authority) License for the installation of security systems.

We are SR 40 Compliant: this is the recommended quality management standard for installers of Intruder Alarm, Access Control, Automatic Gates and CCTV Electronic Security Systems.

We only use the very best manufacturers because we want you to rely on our services. We offer Jablotron, who have been producing high quality products since 1990 and provide effective solutions that combine cost efficiency, reliability and high levels of security, and HRC, who offer a range of security solutions such as the Quantum70 alarm system that can detect a range of risks and situations, sensing movement, heat, smoke and carbon monoxide.


Annual Maintenance Contracts

Your alarm system should be regularly tested and routinely serviced to guarantee the security of your property and prevent false alarms. It will sometimes be possible to carry out remote diagnostics and servicing, where your system is connected to a telephone line, so you will not always need an engineer to visit in order to solve a problem. We recommend regular visits, however, to keep your system in top condition. 

We offer annual intruder alarm maintenance packages to ensure that your system continues to work as effectively and efficiently as when it was first installed, and we guarantee to respond to an emergency call within 5 hours. We can provide you with a maintenance service regardless of the age of your alarm system and who it was installed by, and this includes an inspection carried out in accordance with European Standards EN50131-1, and a test and re-programming of your alarm by a fully qualified engineer. Our maintenance contracts are reviewed annually, and we offer three intruder alarm maintenance packages to suit your requirements and your budget.


Talk to us at Sentinel Security Systems to find the perfect solution for your home or business today.

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