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Stop-Go Management System

The pandemic has altered every aspect of our daily lives, and with businesses reopening, it is vital that they maintain efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus. Here at Sentinel Security Systems, we offer a variety of ways to help businesses thrive under the ‘new normal’. The Stop-Go Management System allows simple monitoring of occupancy levels, enabling you to comply with government regulations whilst reassuring your customers that they are entering a safe space.

Crowd control measures will be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. The Stop-Go Management System presents the perfect solution for busy commercial spaces, monitoring entry and exit numbers to ensure customer safety and maintain appropriate distancing. Customers are informed via clear display screens whether to enter, or wait until there is more room. The system can also be linked to a speaker, creating a welcoming atmosphere, either by greeting the customer and inviting them inside, or asking them to wait a little longer before entry.

A particularly useful feature of the Stop-Go Management System is its adaptability to multi-entrance premises. In a larger building with several access points, it may become difficult to accurately monitor numbers. The Stop-Go Management System solves this problem effectively, integrating entry and exit information from all approaches to guarantee safe occupancy levels.


As the public continues to feel anxious about the virus, businesses must deliver peace of mind to customers. The Stop-Go Management System features an alarm that will immediately notify operators of overcapacity, keeping clients safely and confidently using your business.

The Stop-Go Management System is the perfect solution for maximising both business and safety.

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